Musical Theater Heritage - Crown Center, Kansas City

MTH Presents Sweeney Todd, at the Off Center Theatre at Crown Center April 12-29, 2012

Audience Comments
Jamie Friess Leggitt: Happened upon a 2pm Saturday show on a rainy day in KC. What a fantastic treat! Bravo to the cast and crew! An amazing, yet unexpected highlight of a weekend trip! I was amazed at the raw beauty, the emotion, and the stellar performance of the cast.This is a can't miss production! Thanks to all involved for being the highlight of our KC getaway!

Gabriel J. Livingston: The fact that the show can be stripped down and presented as it is without losing anything shows the power of the material. The opening number sent chills up my spine and kept me on the edge of my seat for the rest of the evening. It's truly a remarkable production.

Sally Ingram: Get up out of your chair & GO see this ~ prepare to be dazzled!

Jesse Warner: First time to your theater to see the production of Sweeny was magnificent! A very professional, well done show. The talent of the cast and crew was a real treat! We will be back for sure!

Terri Marcase: The production and cast were all amazing! A must to see!!!

Chris Sneed: My fiancé Laura and I saw it, I could tell you about what I loved, but I believe facebook has a character limit, the whole production was great, you guys did a great job, and even on opening night most of the kinks were already worked out, goodtimes.

Tori Mullinax Sodek: This was a fantastic performance!

Cindy Oren-Ross: The singing was glorious from all aspects! Cathy Barnett's talent is so good and her vocal abilities match the casting that this show requires. Don Richard was magnificent and his voice rivals Len Cariou's so much that I was surprised. I thought the character interpretation was spot on. These are some of the best voices I have heard around this town.

David Ollington: I started to wonder if Sondheim wrote Sweeney with Don Richard in mind; he fit the role perfectly. Crawford staged every moment with a remarkable blend of innovation and simplicity.

Jill Elizabeth VonErdmannsdorff:
not what i expected .. but much better !! the preformance was outstanding and so good i'll be back :)

Chuck Collins: Saw the show last night - a powerful performance

John Perkowski: WOW. BRAVA!!! INCREDIBLE!!! Sweeney Todd - The Musical was perhaps the single best show you have ever staged. Tonight truly was that good.

Jason Webb: Had a great time at Musical Theater Heritage's Sweeney Todd showing tonight. Absolutely amazing.

Carole Kelly: Boy did you hit the jackpot! The excellent performances of the cast assembled, the staging, the orchestra, all were outstanding. It was truly a professional show. This is one show I will never forget. Keep up the magical entertainment you produce.

Anonymous: Don Richard cast a spell on this part of the audience. I felt hypnotized by his wonderful presentation. Great actor. Cathy Barnett, I find myself shaking my head in awe of her delivery.. The kind of night one might have in a New York theater.

Ron Pashen: Outstanding presentation of Sweeney Todd. Took my family to the Friday performance. We are season ticket holders and have thoroughly enjoyed every show you have produced. Musical Theater Heritage is an unsung star in the Kansas City theater!! Looking forward to the Music Man. By the way, bring back that absolutely super show, 1776, just as soon as you can.

Sid Friesyke: MTH’s production of Sweeney Todd is breathtaking. The remarkable performances in this incredibly talented cast with stars galore should not be missed. I was swept away with the power of the music and a story so overwhelmingly beautiful and tragic. To experience such immediacy is an experience of a lifetime. Never before in all the many productions of Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd I have seen have I been able to grasp the impact of revenge in so clear and life changing a way. It is amazing. God Bless your wonderfully talented and gifted artistic director, Sarah Crawford, and God Bless all of you for bringing musical theater this compelling to Kansas City.”

Keep it going man…fantastic! Thank you, Sid

Glenna Shepherd: Excellent musical performance....Don Richard is a jewel....the other cast members were also of the highest quality. I have recommended it to friends. Also found the introduction by George Harter very informative and set the stage.


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